Guembes-Hidalgo.jpgLuis Hidalgo, PhD
Team Leader
Research Associate
Alberta Health Services.
After completing his B.Sc. in Biochemistry at the University of Calgary, Dr. Hidalgo pursued his Ph.D. in Immunology at the University of Alberta which he completed in 2005. His graduate studies focused on understanding the role of IFN-gamma in the generation of effector T cells in alloimmune responses.  Following his Ph.D., Luis led the transplantation immunology focus at the Alberta Transplant and Applied Genomics Centre where he initially defined similarities and differences in transcript expression between human CD4+ effector T cells and CD8+ effector T cells and natural killer cells and the interpretation of these transcripts in renal transplant biopsies.  Over the last couple of years, Luis' focus has changed to that of HLA antibodies as part of his training as an HLA laboratory director.  His work which refined the diagnostic parameters associated with HLA antibodies as well as discovering a novel, selective association of NK cells in antibody-mediated rejection was recently recognized by the American Society of Transplantation. Dr. Hidalgo received the Top Clinical Presentation Award at the American Society of Transplantation Distinguished Fellows Symposium in 2009. Maintaining a part-time position at the ATAGC, Dr. Hidalgo serves as a Research Associate with a focus on HLA antibodies and transplantation immunology.  Currently Luis looks after the basic immunology studies in the ATAGC, which involves cell isolations, generation of activated immune cells, and designing experiments to study various aspects of transplantation.  Dr. Hidalgo also teaches transplantation immunology lectures at the University of Alberta for three different programs.