2017 Publications

1.    Halloran PF, Famulski KS and Chang J. A probabilistic approach to histologic diagnosis of antibody-mediated rejection in kidney transplant biopsies. Am J Transplant 2017;(1):129-139.​​

2.    Halloran PF, Venner JM and Famulski KS. Comprehensive analysis of transcript changes associated with allograft rejection: Combining universal and selective features. Am J Transplant 2017; Early Online View (​

3.   Madill-Thomsen K, Wiggins R, Eskandary F, Bohmig G, Halloran PF. ​The effect of cortex/medulla proportions on molecular diagnoses in kidney transplant biopsies: rejection and injury can be assessed in medulla. Am J Transplant 2017; Accepted (

4.    Halloran K, Chang J, Weinkauf J, Lien D, Kapasi A, Hirji A, Famulski KS, Reeve J and Halloran PF. Molecular phenotyping of transbronchial and mucosal lung transplant biopsies through microarray analysis. In submission.

5.   Halloran PF, Potena L, Duong Van Huyen J-P., Bruneval P, Leone O, Kim DH, Jouven X, Reeve J and Loupy A. Building a tissue-based molecular diagnostic system in heart transplant rejection: the heart molecular microscope MMDx. The Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation 2017; submitted.

6.   Halloran PF, Akalin E, Aubert O, Bohmig G, Brennan D, Bromberg J, Einecke G, Eskandary F, Gosset C, Duong Van Huyen J-P., Gupta G, Lefaucheur C, Malone A, Seron D, Sellares J, Weir M and Loupy A. Real time central assessment of kidney transplant indication biopsies by microarrays: The INTERCOMEX Study. Am J Transplant 2017; submitted.